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  • certified English
  • learning Swedish
  • fluent Italian
  • native Romanian
  • notions of Spanish & French


IT experience

2020 - ____ Normative/Meta Mind AB, Stockholm, SWE Lead Plumber

Magic. TBD

Normative is a "Sustainability Reporting Made Really Easy".


2016 - 2020 Tobii AB, Stockholm, SWE Software Developer

Set up the grounds of Tobii Pro's Cloud Services, like (but not limited to):
- helped bootstrap and run a high-ingestion adtech monitoring platform connecting 1000+ panelists
- helped bootstrap an adtech analytics + dashboard product
- helped bootstrap a video conferencing + screen sharing + eyetracking product
- helped bootstrap various cloud-based products
- comprehensive integrations with Amazon Web Services
- set up high grade identity authentication and authorization via AWS IAM
- set up runtime engine around a serverless architecture using AWS Lambda
- set up infrastructure as code, based on Google Cloud Platform's principles, but using AWS CloudFormation
- set up complex build system based on GNU Make and Bash shell scripts
- set up development environments under MacOS and Linux
- set up a platform-agnostic Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in Travis CI, Teamcity, CircleCI and Github Actions
- utility belts for Make, Bash, JavaScript, TypeScript, Eslint, Babel, etc.
- utility library for running AWS Lambdas locally
- utility library for using vanilla HTTP frameworks on AWS Lambdas
- node.js bindings for eyetracking dynamic-link libraries
- shitloads of tooling

Tobii Pro is the research solution division within Tobii. We help business and science professionals gain real insights into human behavior with leading eye tracking solutions and services.

aws, infrastructure as code, http, node.js, es6/typescript, travisci/circleci/github-actions/teamcity/jenkins/katt, git, erlang

2014 - 2016 Cisco Systems AB, Stockholm, SWE Engineer

Switched focus to backend and infrastructure duties, like:
- Erlang-based JSON-RPC API design and implementation
- set up Jenkins infrastructure and delivery pipeline for Continuous Integration
- switch development environment from SVN to GIT
- set up GIT on Atlassian Stash/BitBucket Server and Gitolite
- tooling
Still engineering Tail-f NCS, but within Cisco's Cloud & Virtualization Group. Cisco acquired Tail-f in 2014 - read more.

erlang, yaws, http, json-rpc, yang, jenkins/bitten/lux/katt, multi vcs (svn, git, git-svn), multi platform...

2013 - 2016 Tail-f Systems AB, Stockholm, SWE UI Developer

Engineering Tail-f NCS with a mix of frontend/backend duties.

sencha/extjs, coffeescript, node.js, erlang, http, json-rpc, yang, jenkins/bitten/lux/katt, multi vcs (svn, git, git-svn), multi platform...

2001 - 2014 Life-Link Friendship-Schools, Uppsala, SWE IT handyman

Front- and backoffice duties. Designing and engineering 3 major websites.

php, asp, perl, css, js, sencha, photoshop, cms

2013 - 2013 Videoplaza AB, Stockholm, SWE Software Engineer

2011 - 2013 Klarna AB, Stockholm, SWE Developer

Engineering Klarna Checkout - full-blown front/backend FSM prototype, interaction and API documentation, GUI.

Engineering support tools and designing the Klarna Checkout REST API and other REST APIs.

rest, http, hypermedia, api, js, coffeescript, sdk, gui, ux, i18n, l10n, testing, scripting, erlang

2010 - 2011 Media & News Stockholm AB, Stockholm, SWE System Developer

Engineering a customized social network on top of SocialEngine.

php, mysql, css, js, mootools, jquery, zend framework, socialengine

2002 - 2003 Island M.U.N.G.A., Isle of Wight, GBR Media Project Manager, Developer

php, mysql, i18n, l10n, cmd, premiere, delphi

2000 - 2005 miscellaneous Web Developer/Designer

  • 2002 - 2005 Island M.U.N.G.A., Isle of Wight, GBR
  • 2002 - 2004 Romanian Red Cross, Galati, ROU
  • 2004 - 2004 Data-Soft S.A., Galati, ROU
  • 2000 - 2004 Colegiul National "Vasile Alecsandri", Galati, ROU

perl, php, css, mysql, js, photoshop


2013 -      for-GET HTTP Father

A Github organization covering PEG grammars, ASTs, parsegens, HTTP algorithms and an FSM for a non-opinionated and comprehensive-spec-coverage HTTP framework, focusing on semantics, and less on the syntax.

HTTP, PEG, grammar, AST, parser, generator, FSM, server, coffeescript, nodejs, webmachine, erlang

2012 -      HyperREST Father

A Github organization covering a set of blog posts and software focused on how-to envision-spec-mock-consume-serve a REST/hypermedia API.

REST, API, HTTP, hypermedia, client, server, coffeescript, nodejs

2009 - 2010 Snowdrop Father

Snowdrop is an academic Information System that merges information from various course management systems in order to provide quick access to vital student information, like messages and schedule.

squace, browser, php, xml, mobile, data mining

2009 - 2009 Promote Knowledge Management Concept

A series of videos playing with audio, video and concepts in order to highlight a knowledge management course.

2008 - 2009 Labs Widgets

2008 - 2009 Induction to Kista IT University - KTH & SU Facilitator

knowledge management, wiki, facebook

2008 - 2009 Support Community for Facilitator

knowledge management, wiki, facebook


2008 - 2010 Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SWE M.Sc.

Engineering and Management of Information Systems.

Data Warehousing, Web mining, Logic Programming, Knowledge Management, ERP Systems, Requirements Engineering, etc.

2007 - 2007 University of Humanities and Economics, Lodz, POL Erasmus

Corporate Finance Management, H.R. Management, Social Role of Media, Public Discourses, Conflicts and International Negotiations

2004 - 2008 Romanian-American University, Bucharest, ROU B.Sc.

Computer Science for Business Management. Graduated with the highest GPA in the programme.

Database, Programming, Web programming, Networking, IT System Design, Expert Systems, Strategic Management, Probability Calculus, Numerical Methods, Statistics, Accounting, Finances, etc.


2010 Course Analytics Master Thesis

Leveraging course assessment through data mining of student satisfaction

academic quality, academic evaluation, service satisfaction, educational data mining, importance-performance analysis, teaching effectiveness, php, squace, xml

2009 Split Infinitives in Prolog (copy)

Published in Journal of Information Systems & Operations Management

split infinitives, logic programming, prolog

2009 Alignment of Business and IS/IT Strategy at Telenor Sweden (copy)

Published in Journal of Information Systems & Operations Management

strategic alignment, IS/IT strategy, business strategy, organizational strategy, case study, Telenor

2009 Science is a runner. Philosophy?

philosophy, science, essay

2009 Towards Enhanced E-collaboration in Academia (copy)

Published in Journal of Information Systems & Operations Management

e-collaboration, academia, requirements, boundaries, holistic

2008 Web 2.0 Application for Medical Clinique Management Honors Thesis

mixed experience

2001 - 2007 . Delegate, Speaker

international citizenship, sustainability, youth engagement

  • 2007 UNESCO ASPnet Conference, Amman, JOR
  • 2007 Life-Link Friendship-Schools Conference, Sigtuna, SWE
  • 2007 UNESCO ASPnet Training Workshop, Amman, JOR
  • 2006 Global Education Week preparatory meeting, Sinaia, ROU
  • 2003 International Peace Bureau’s Conference, Athens, GRC
  • 2003 Island M.U.N.G.A., Isle of Wight, GBR
  • 2002 Peace Festival, Cluj-Napoca, ROU
  • 2002 BratMUN, Bratislava, SVK
  • 2001 Life-Link Friendship-Schools Conference, Sigtuna, SWE

2002 - 2006 . Group Leader

event planning, youth engagement

  • 2006 Where do I belong to II, Norfolk, GBR
  • 2005 Where do I belong to, Brno, CZE
  • 2003 Island M.U.N.G.A., Isle of Wight, GBR
  • 2002 Island M.U.N.G.A., Isle of Wight, GBR